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June 13, 1970


11:10 PM –

June 13. 1970

Imee says that an Americanita of about eleven years of age had a crush on Bongbong in the Jumbo jet 747 and last night the Japanese girl at the Osaka restaurant cooking their sukiyaki complimented him for his good looks. I told him tonight over the telephone that he was getting swell-headed.

The children left Hongkong by Jumbo jet as Pan-Am has a Jumbo flight everyday that leaves at 9:00 AM Hongkong Time which is one hour ahead of Manila. They arrived at 12:45 PM but landed at 1:15 PM. They stay at the new Imperial Hotel. They had a rough trip. Up to now it is still raining in Manila as it did yesterday even in the making of the pledge at Rizal Park. And the children say that the landing was like a house coming down in an earthquake.

Had nine holes in the USAFIP-Maharlika tournament at Fort Bonifacio. Then had a conference. Met the Capitan del Barrio and the people of 8 provinces and about 600 doctors of PGH led by Director Pascual recommending my brother Dr. Pacifico Marcos for the position of Chairman of the Medical Care Commission.

Then met with the Meralco group to look into the Chronicle and ABS-CBN malicious distortions of news and mischievous commentaries.

We may have to organize a new corporation to publish the Bulletin, Liwayway and now also the Evening News, Republic and possibly MBC which includes Channel 11.