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June 29, 1970


12:20 AM-

June 29, 1970

We have just said goodbye to Father James Donalan who went to England to look into all the schools that Bongbong could go to. He recommended Worth Abbey School.

He recommended it because of its spartan system that develops individual initiative, the youth and progressiveness of the rector (Benedictine), the tutorship (there are thirty members of the faculty and only 300 boys. The Soriano and Delgado boys are there). Father Donalan says that when a boy has finished the 4th, 5th and 6th Forms one is a junior in an American college.

So I have prepared a letter and cable to be sent to Father Dominic, Worth father rector, to enroll Bongbong for the next term.

There are some criticisms (specially Max Soliven) of the decision to send Bongbong to England but it offers the best education for a boy. In the Philippines, he is either spoiled or hated because he is the President’s son. And he has to learn to stand on his own. But he has to learn Ilocano before he goes. So I may send him to the north first.

I am now working on the monetary policies – and the reforms in the government financing institution.

The second special session begun at 10:00 AM.

I have to hold the releases of any funds for public works till the end of June, the end of the fiscal year, to comply with the IMF conditions.

This is going to hard. But there is no alternative.