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[6 November 1521]

From Atean we went S.S.E. until we sighted the Molucos, and then we went to East, and entered between Mare and Tedori, [Tidore] at which we anchored, and there we were very well received, and made very good arrangements for peace, and made a house on shore for trading with the people, and so we remained many days, until we had taken in cargo.

The islands of the Malucos are these: Terrenate, Tidori, Mare, Motil, Maquian, Bachian, and Gilolo, these are all those which contain cloves and nutmeg; and there are also several others among them, the names of which I will mention, and in what altitude they are, and the first is Terrenate [Ternate], which is on the side of the equinoctial line [Ecuador].