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Monday, 5 March 1565

We sailed to go to Cabalian. We had the prow southwest to avoid passing the shoal which was on our way two leagues from the said bay. Having passed it, we went southwest and at 6 in the afternoon we anchored at the Cabalian Bay. At the cabeza there were swift currents northeast of the Bahia de San Pedro. To Cabalian, they say, it took 12 leagues, extending north south. We stayed in Cabalian 3 days. Six leagues, east of Cabalian, we located a big island from north-south 8 leagues named Cavayan; 5 leagues from Cabalian, at northeast is located a small island, one league in perimeter; and at seven leagues south of Cabalian is found the cabeza of Butuan; four leagues from Cabalian at the south by southwest is located the cabeza of the island of Panay, at the eastern part.

I measured the sun in Cabalian at ten degrees longitude.