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Miercoles, 4 de Mayo 1898

1ª Entrega de todos los barcos de guerra que quedan en el Archipiélago: 2ª Entrega de todos los marinos como prisioneros de guerra: 3ª Reconocimiento oficial del bloqueo en que están las islas.

People say it is true the commodore of the American squadron has communicated with the captain general (we do not know what precise day) he would raze Manila unless it accepts these three conditions: (1) surrender of all warships remaining in the archipelago; (2) surrender of all the marines as prisoners of war; (3) official recognition of the blockade of the Islands. His Excellency has refused with valor and dignity to accept such insolent presumptions. The general has ordered all the troops to remain at their posts under arms ready for action. The rumor is Manila will be bombarded tomorrow.

Frs. Simo and Martinez return to Fort Santiago. At night, some of Ours who came back to the Ateneo return to Santa Ana. These days books and other properties have been transferred from the Ateneo to Santa Ana and the Normal School, which, by its location is considered safer from enemy fire than the Ateneo. The Americans bring aboard a boat they have commandeered the sick from the hospitals in Cavite to Manila.